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Full steam ahead.

The summer was a long season full of uncertainty. Are we truly on the verge of a “supercycle”? Will Bitcoin’s May drop cut the entire bull run short? Only time will tell, but there seem to be indications that the market is rebounding and finding its feet again.

In August…

Community Newsletter

The start of something new.

The markets stalled through most of July, but Insula never took its foot off the gas. The team was hard at work, and today, we’re going to peek at what they’ve been up to.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. We’ll start with a recap of news from the past month.

Hello everyone, this is our third and final project update of 2020. Insula has progressed massively over the last year and we are very excited for all the opportunities 2021 will bring. The next few months are crucial to the project, we are pushing hard to significantly increase our number…

Hello everyone, this is our first monthly project update. From now on we will be posting an update here on Medium every month so that all significant progress is documented in one place. We think this will be far more convenient to the community and will allow anyone to gain…

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